Nash Tackle – The Tancabesti Odysee 27Apr – 3 May 2013 – English version

Thanks to Costi (Legio) Sandu for translation.

How can a real adventure can begin? A real Odysee, even a 100% English – “modern days” one? Let us tell you how:

Try to imagine your TOMTOM saying: “In 1,6 km take a sharp right … The Two Lakes Two Brothers Complex is just ahead”. The only thing is that instead of a F1 car icon on the navigation scree should be a huge 5 tones van…

“6000 km all together (UK to Romania and back to UK), from Nash HQ to the Tancabesti Complex, done with a van filled up to the top with fishing equipment. Bottom line: IT WAS WORHTY!” This are the exact words of Jamie Clossick describing the adventure of driving to Tancabesti – Romania along with Kitz Daniel. This two guys were responsible with the transportation of all the logistic needed at the Romanian Event.

Let’s meet THE TEAM: Nash Tackle @ Tancabesti

Terry Edmonds – Nash Tackle Rod Development Manager :

Terry is a Big Name among extreme distance angling society.  Is more than just an angler that learned to cast a couple of extra feet.

He is a real expert that learned the art of extreme casting by “attending the classes” of Hi Performance Surfcasting world, and he used to cast in matches against the best casters out there and outcast them all.

(Interviu cu Terry Edmonds, profesionistul pescuitului la mare distanţă – Publicat de: pe 13 Aug 2012 )

“The Star” of the Long Casting event from Tancabesti – Terry Edmonds talked to everybody, shared his vast experience and expertise to all the anglers that attended the event, explained in detail the mechanic of a long cast with a fishing rod, performed demo casts at the “Dinamo” Peg of Tancabesti Lake and put that lead way over the last pink balloon situated at 180m from the lake shore, he replied with great joy and passion to all the questions from the filmed interviews for the Romanian Fishing Televisions, or to any angler that wanted to ask him something about casting, and he enjoyed taking pictures with all the anglers out there !

On (FaceBook -Terry Edmonds )Terry’s Facebook page you can find details about all the features from the fallowing photos :

Ronny De Groote – Nash Tackle European Manager

World wide Carpfishing Legend, and always a highly spirited person – Ronny De Groote spent a lot of time at Tancabesti holding a Sony HD Camera in his hand, wearing headphones and always looking for the best action around to be put on video, all the time right next to the Nash Team, on land or in a boat in the middle of the lake, even on the Restaurant garden or everywhere his presence was needed.

Talking a perfect dutch-flamish language, Ronny is also fluent in German, English or Italian.  Always with a nice smile on his face, Ronny listened to everybody and had a nice chat with all the people around him with a very polite and professional attitude, proving himself to be a Complete Person from all possible points of view (in my opinion). Such a nice guy!

Jamie Clossick – Top Northern Professional Carp Angler, promoter Nashbait’s and House DJ

“Over 10 years with Team Nash, all over the world, Jamie Clossick was part of the Nash Team at Tancabesti Open Casting Day – 27 April 2013 :

Images and videos with Jamie Clossick – Top Northern Professional Carp Angler and promoter Nashbait’s :

Video Jamie Clossick on Avicola 1 – Tancabesti Romania 2013 :

Sandu Constantin – Nash Tackle Romania

“The Engine” or the guy that took the heavy load of the Nash Tackle adventure in Romania was the highly spirited and inexhaustible Costi (Legio) Sandu, part of the National Carpfishing Team that represented Romania at the 2010 World Champs in England (Brasenose 1, next to S. Africa).

Living in England for quite some time now, Costi is managing all Nash activities and actions in Romania. He was successful in taking care of all the necessary activities and he managed to put together all the details needed for the Nash Open Casting Day -Tancabesti 2013 to take place. And that’s not all – he made it a “Top Class” open air event for a “Top Class” brand like Nash Tackle

Kitz Daniel – Team Nash Tackle

Consumed by his passion for angling and a very active international carp angler, one of the guys that helped the Romanian Carp Fishing Team at the England 2010 World Champs, Daniel (Kitz) also lives in England and he was the one responsible with the transportation of all the logistics needed for the Nash Open Casting Day in Romania.

At the same time, Kitz fished the so called  “Pilhan”  peg for Team Nash, he translate all the interviews for Terry, Ronny and Jamie at the Tancabesti Complex  @ Rustic Restaurant.

How Nash Open Casting Day 27 Aprilie 2013 really was:

For 2 days (27 and 28 April 2013) the so called “Dinamo” peg  of Tancabesti Lake was, at some points not large enough to accommodate all the anglers that wanted to be a part this special event.

Friends, passionate people and us, the Two Lakes Two Brothers Stuff were there!

We have tested the whole range of Nash rods:

  • Top of the line – The NRXD
  • Entity (the best sold carp rod in 2012  for Italy, France, Germany and Benelux)
  • The brand new H-Gun generation
  • SCOPE – new innovative rod concept

 We’ve had on display the complete range of Nash Carp Care products:

  • Carp Cradle in all the available versions
  • Classic “on the ground” carp mats
  • The Multi Mat range (Peg One and H-Gun)

Also the complete range of Terminal Tackle was available on display, the Nash team members tied rigs on site for all the anglers that wanted to learn rig tips and tricks.

The Romanian angling community was in direct contact with the products on display, there were questions asked and answered, there were a lot of casting going on, there were a lot of friendships established.

The PVTV team via Sorin Rudeanu  interviewed Terry Edmonds after the Casting Demo ended , right in front of the display product tables filled up with Nash Products.

Inside the generous 20 square meters marquee a lot of Nash Terminal Tackle, Baits and specialised fishing gear was on display for all the anglers out there.

Fishing Team Nash Tackle :

Avicola 1 – Pilhan – Bradu – Dreapta Bradu – Planet pegs

After the 2 days of demos and display, the whole Nash Team camped and fished the Tancabesti Lake, on the “Avicola 1″, “Pilhan”, “Bradu”, “Right Bradu” and “Planet” pegs:

Ronny put together A LOT of video material that will be presented to all of us as soon as the footage will be processed and finished.

Team Nash Tackle – 1 Mai 2013 la Tancabesti

On the 1st of May, Vlad Parfene (one of the two brothers that own the Complex)  invited the Nash Team at the Tancabesti Restaurant to enjoy a fabulous Romanian meal and celebrate together for a couple of hours:

Interview ” In Carlig “

with  Ronny De Groote, Jamie Clossick, Kitz Daniel – Team Nash Tackle

Friday, the 3rd of May, just before the Romanian Adventure ended, Mr Georgian Gheorghe, the host of the fishing show named “In Carlig” (“Hooked”) asked Team Nash for an interview at the Tancabesti Complex Restaurant:

Soon will present the video of the interview.

Before end …

Just before leaving, Ronny offered his baseball cap to me as a gift, and I’ve asked him to write an autograph.

He sayed  “good bye” and “thank you” for having the Nash Team as a guest at Tancabesti and  leaved behind a very positive impression, by being such a great character, a guy that will increase the value of every place on the face of the Earth just by being there.

We need to thank you, Ronny! Ronny De Groote!

By the time Ronny went towards Otopeni International Airport, a carpfishing legend was leaving from Tancabesti and marked the end of the Nash Open Casting Day Odysee  in Romania.

Good bye England! Good bye Holland! Good bye Romania!

Good bye Tancabesti!

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